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We are a small indie games studio working from Leeds, UK. So small in-fact that currently it has only one employee. Me! Hi. You can call me Mr. Slate. Myself and collaborators will be creating smart(ish), interesting, atmospheric, difficult, skill based mobile games inspired by our all time favourite old-school PC and Console titles and table-top RPGs. We are all very excited about this! You can trust me on that, I'm Mr. Slate.

We are an eclectic combination of individuals, sporadically acquainted throughout the years with me, Mr. Slate. Whether we met through work, mutual friends or in the vast internet, we are all dedicated (and fairly compensated) to creating great games for you, the players. I, Mr. Slate, for example, have spent several years (more than 5 but less than 7) acquiring the necessary skills and experience to be a brave, knowledgeable and (under the right lighting) handsome leader. Having helped develop various titles, on VR, PC and mobile, you know you can trust me, Mr. Slate.

So please, pack your BFG, Horadric cube and 50ft of hempen rope and join us on this most perilous journey!

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