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  • Light-hearted story in an original, fully realized industro-fantasy world.

  • Build your warden choosing from 9 races, 7 classes and 12 backgrounds, all with distinct advantages and disadvantages.

  • Use fast paced, skill based combat in a new and revolutionary way.

  • Level up to 100 and become a legendary protector, the ultimate Warden.

  • Completing the main story is only the beginning, enjoy dozens of hand crafted side contracts and a never-ending supply of procedurally generated adventures.

  • Navigate the stories of Vala as a warrior or a wordsmith.

  • Collect legendary, hand crafted artefacts as well as procedurally generated weapons, armour and trinkets. 

  • Old school offline Action RPG! No in app purchases, no in game advertising, no accounts. Get the complete package on purchase and receive frequent, free content updates.


Use countless powerful artefacts and your abilities of charisma and combat to discover the ancient secrets of the world of Vala and its mysterious satellite!

Become the Ultimate Warden!​


"After a thousand years of madness and war, finally an age of peace and stability seems at hand on Vala, our dear sphere.


However! All is not well! In towns and cities The Children and their very chatty god have been building factory after plague-bearing factory. People wielding bizarre powers have been appearing willy-nilly, wreaking havoc wherever they go. Cranky creatures roaming the lands, terrorising unfortunate -but-not-that-poor- peasants.


And then there's Luan, the sapphire moon. Always up there. Always willing to turn some hapless dolt into a rampaging madman at a whim!


In other words, it's the perfect time for adventure... and getting rich while you're at it! We at the MoonWard mercenary company can certainly guarantee at least one of those things! Sign up now to get your first two weeks of lodging for free at any Shiny Copper Inn! The finest in adventurer lodging, at the finest prices in the realm!"

Mr. Rube Cropper
MoonWard Representative & Recruiter

Unique setting
with rich history and lore


Build characters with our flexible creator and continue to customise them with discoverable traits, endless loot and increasing abilities. Equip over 60 weapons and shields all with unique movesets.

Hundreds of unique wardens

Check out the MoonWard Press Kit

(If you're into that kind of stuff)

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