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Character Creation

Hello everyone, I'm back with some more insight into our first game! Today I'll walk you through a few features of the character creation. Let's start!

Firstly there are the character alias and portrait. Every character will have an in-world alias which will be used in cinematics, missions etc. There's an in-world reason why you're not using your real name that I'm not going to reveal yet :) .

The player portrait feature is not complete as of now but you will be able to choose your avatar from what will be available using the arrow buttons.

Let's look at our good friend here. Every character in our game will be highly customisable using Race, Background and Class.

Race determines the character's basic abilities - Ork are tougher/Elf are more observant - that kind of stuff. These bonuses will not be applied through abilities but instead will be passively applied to characters on creation.

Background determines some of a character's starting loadout (mostly consumable items but sometimes also weapons or armour). Primarily backgrounds determine the character's starting gold and renown (how well they are perceived in the world).

Class is arguably the most important choice when creating a character. Class not only determines the character's starting abilities but also their starting equipment.

Under the player portrait arrows are the gold and renown icons with the character's respective amount of both.

The ribbon of items (placeholder images for now) to the right of the gold and renown icons is the character's starting loadout. This list changes dynamically as you select your background and class. All item icons are also clickable and will show you in-depth information about the item you've selected.

The gold and renown icons are also clickable and will show an information popup. This popup system is universal and is used for a lot more than just these icons. Tapping the "Class" label for example will show a popup with an elaboration of what a class is. These popups are used even for things like weight, defence, health, stamina and many more. The goal is that if you as a player aren't sure what an icon is you can click it and an elaboration will appear.

Underneath all other elements of this menu are the character Abilities. Abilities determine the core player stats like resistances, burden, item discovery and many others. The ability panels are clickable as most other UI elements and show you an insight into what the ability does.

And once again here is a video of everything in motion!

This is it for now - hang around for more information, screenshots and videos on our upcoming game! And don't forget to follow us on our social media:

See you next week!

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