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Character Inventory!

Hello everyone, Been a busy week so a short one this time. I wanted to talk a little bit about the character inventory in our upcoming game.

Obviously the inventory shows what the character is wearing and holding and allows items to be equipped and unequipped. It is also where you can begin two-handing main hand items. You can also see item information (button with book icon to the right of items).

For context - here's a video showcasing the menus in action!

One last thing - a lot of the icons are from and will be changed in the next few weeks so please bear with us :D . That being said I can't express how grateful I am for the game icons project. It has made developing this game much easier! If you're unaware - thousands of icons, easy to modify vector graphics, good resolution, high quality and free of charge. If you're making a game and need some icons please have a look! We're not affiliated btw, just genuinely grateful :)

Starting from the top you have your info/

comparison bar. All four of them are clickable and will give extra information.

Starting from the left, you can see the current physical Damage Per Second for the item equipped in the character's main hand. This is derived from the weapon's first attack move (every weapon has up to three attack moves and up to three defence moves).

Next is the Defence panel. This shows the cumulative physical defence value for this character.

Second to last is Equipment Weight panel. Every character can only carry a certain weight of items before they are encumbered. weight determines how well the character can dodge.

Last is the One/Two-Handed icon. The scimitar is currently two-handed, showing the weapon only icon. Two handing can be freely toggled on and off, including during fights. It increase damage, makes attack moves take longer, allows access to a special move, but makes the item in the off hand unusable.

Apart from passive information these panels also give you active feedback before equipping new items. Highlighting an item sill show you the impact it will have on the character's dps, defence and weight.

Clicking an item or an empty equipment slot opens a new menu from where you can pick a new item for this slot, unequip the current item (button with cross in the right of the equipped item panel) or cancel and return to the main inventory menu.

You can equip two rings and three consumable items at a time. Rings provide you with bonuses but no base defence. Consumables are perishable items that can be used in combat. There are plenty of types of consumable item types and we're still tweaking them a bit. At the very least there will be buffs, throwables and rejuvenating items. Using consumables takes time in combat so caution is advised.

I'm afraid that's it for today! For more information, screenshots and videos of our upcoming game, please follow us on our social media and subscribe to our newsletter!

If you don't mind, drop us a message, a comment or join our discord server and say hi!

Talk to you again next weekend!

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