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Character Sheets!

Hello everyone, Its me Mr Slate for another blog covering Slate Games' upcoming game. Today we will focus on our implementation of a staple of roleplaying games - the character sheet! Let's jump right in!

Your character will have two sheets of information - your character info and your stats page.

To the left is the character info page. This shows information we've already covered in character creation with a few exceptions.

Under the character avatar is the traits list. Traits are a system we just added to the game that allows us (and you) a lot more freedom to customise characters.

Traits can give (or take) any in game character resource as a flat amount or percentage.

The traits listed in this screenshot ("War Machine" and "Inorganic") are racial bonuses but there is literally no limit to how we can award traits - backgrounds, classes, quest rewards, renown rewards and many more.

The next thing here is the "Unspent Ability Points" panel. This shows you how many ability points you have available to spend on abilities. You gain 1 point when you level up and can spend these whenever you wish.

Yes, you can play the entire game without spending any ability points. And yes, the combat system fully supports this.

To the right is the character stats page.

You can roughly separate character stats into four categories:

Base - Health, Stamina, Carry Capacity and more;

Defence - Physical, Arcane and Outsider;

Resistance - Burn, Poison, Freeze and Shock;

Critical - Stagger Resistance/Critical and Riposte Critical (this category is kind of weird so I'll elaborate in a future blog)

Please note that this is a first pass. We plan on showing the rest of the character stats in the future.

As you can see here, some stats are increased by ability points allocation. Ability points are one way to increase a character's stats. Other ways are with traits, weapons, shields, armour and other items.

Here's a video showing everything I've described above.

Thank you for reading my ramblings! For more information, screenshots and videos on our upcoming game, please follow us on our social media and subscribe to our newsletter!

Until next week!

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