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MoonWard going Forward (09.2023)

Happy Tuesday everyone! I'm glad we all made it through Monday! Once again it's me Mr. Slate with some updates on the state of MoonWard.

Before I begin - next patch will come out a week from now: Tuesday 19th of September 2023. As usual there will be a video on Saturday detailing the new additions. Not sure what version number it'll be yet. You'll find out on Saturday!

I like the "MoonWard going Forward (MM.YYYY)" title - I think I'll start doing monthly updates called that. Technically this is the second one since there was a blog titled that in June, which is now ridiculously outdated by the way. I think it'll be a comedy blog series. Show how hard it is to plan and develop an entire game by yourself, in all its hilarity!

Speaking of failing at planning. As you probably know, I've had a rough month since Baby Slate was born so my output has slowed down significantly. Part of that I expected, but it's been tougher than I thought. The good news is I've now figured out how much time I'll need for family so I can plan my days better. Bad news is patches will come out 3 weeks apart rather than 2. This will allow me the time to keep updates as hefty as they've been so far. I'd also like to keep the Tuesday releases going forward.

Regarding the content of these updates. I've got some cool ideas planned for the next couple of patches.

  • Onboarding. Better tutorials. Already working on that to be fair. Should be lots of improvements in the next patch.

  • Disposition. Named, non-bounty characters will remember your previous interactions and will like/dislike you based on your conversations. This can result in bonus rewards when finishing main/side stories, hidden conversation options, new practise partners, hidden stories etc..

  • Challenges. These will be optional modifiers you can apply to characters at creation. These challenges can be level 1 runs, less gold earned, no loot from adventures and even hardcore mode where dying deletes the character.

  • Underground. This would be a new universal biome. It would house dwellings like ruins, caverns, mines and yes... sewers.

Finally. MoonWard is in good shape. There have been less and less bugs which I've been squashing as they appear. I'm updating the onboarding process at the moment to make the experience more pleasant for players with no souls like experience. I've been adding content regularly, most recently a part of a new hub with it's own unique content. I'm generally working towards finishing the demo so I can switch focus on the full version. No date for when that will happen but hopefully it's not too long now.

That's all for now. Keep an eye out for the release trailer on Saturday and I hope I'll see you again next Tuesday for the patch notes! Have a great week!

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