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MoonWard v0.3.32 Patch Notes!

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

Hello! I'm Mr. Slate and here you can find the patch notes for version v.0.3.32 of the MoonWard Demo! This is the latest and as of today current MoonWard version.

Before I continue, you can download MoonWard here!

1. Improved text of tutorial messages.

Clearer and more descriptive. I think I dropped the ball in general with tutorials in the original release. Hoping this update elevates them from passable to good. Lots of things like this in this MoonWard patch.

2. Added video and images to tutorials.

Adding visuals gave me more space to elaborate on things that needed elaboration. Helped with the word economy. Definite improvement over the walls of text. I've been wanting to do videos for the more complicated moves for a while now and I'm glad I finally got to it. I'm very happy with the end result and I think it will genuinely help new players figure out how the admittedly complicated combat system works.

3. Added access to all tutorials in Settings menu.

This is a no brainer. I wanted to do this for the original release but that was a bit of a cluster so didn't have the time. I thought since I'm focusing on tutorials anyway I might as well improve tangential features too. So yea - you can access the tutorials from the map screen and battle pause menu. The battle pause menu only has battle related tutorials for obvious reasons.

4. Added second practise partner as part of Onboarding.

Don't be afraid to say hi to Roland. Funny story. Roland is the first practise partner I made, I've been using him for internal testing. Took me this long to realise I can tidy his AI a bit and let people train with him too. Doi.

5. Added subtitles to intro video.

No brainer. Again, not sure why it took me this long. Wasn't even my idea in the end.

6. Better move descriptions.

The move damage and defence resources now have popups explaining what they mean. Someone mentioned they had no descriptions and I had to add them. Just an oversight in the end. As part of this I also updated some move descriptions and limited what moves the resources even appear. Moves lists should be tidier now.

7. Disabled automatic screen darkening.

Most mobile devices can be set to turn off their screens after you haven't interacted with the screen. I've disabled that because I'm pretty good at turning the screen off when I don't need it. It's just muscle memory. But it meant I never had to deal with this issue and the game has a lot of text that might take longer than 15 seconds to read. So I got feedback for this and now it's fixed - while the game is active your screen should never turn off.

8. Improved map effects.

Small things but it makes map interactions a little nicer. Added a ping effect when you center the map on the county capital. Changed the main story hex to distinguish it from the rest. Improved the reroll/boast interactions in the hex stories popup. Added a cascade pop in effect to all map hexes when you first enter the map.

9. Improved UI, fixed bugs.

Plenty of those. Trust me. I'm Mr. Slate.

Thank you all for your time! I work hard on these patches so please give the MoonWard Demo a try! I hope to see you again soon!

Have a great week!


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