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Social Media Accounts and Milestones

Happy Tuesday everyone! Today's blog will be a short one - I'll be talking about our social accounts, what milestones I've achieved and what's next.

First off, I think it makes sense to let you know that Slate Games is on a bunch of social media sites:

And last but not least - our Discord channel

I honestly didn't know any better when I was setting up the company and made a few too many accounts for a solo dev. I wasn't planning on editorialising this week, but quickly.

Social media and marketing are important and time consuming. I'm sure that's not really anything new to you. Think about how long much time you spend on Instagram or Twitter every day. Those platforms expect you to spend that time interacting with them. It's one of the best ways to stay relevant and visible. Now imagine you have to spend all that time on 3-4 or more of them AND make content. Again, not saying anything new. Influencers and marketing people do this constantly. The thing is - that is their job - your job as a developer is to make the game, not social media content. It can quickly become all you do if you're not careful. This is just one of the pitfalls of being a solo dev.

I don't have a solution here, but there are things I do to keep sane. Make spreadsheets if you're so inclined. Plan (and produce) content ahead of time if you can. Give yourself 15 minute slots per account every night. Be impulsive and generous with comments, likes, shares, subs, follows.

Wow, that was not quick at all! Anyway, moving along.

Briefly about milestones. I'm very happy to say we've just hit 500 followers on Twitter! I can't believe how much the account has grown! We hit 500 followers on Instagram a few weeks ago as well. I'm very humbled and happy about this! I'm glad people are sticking around! Not to over-share but I've got plenty of cool things planned for MoonWard and Slate Games!

500 was my silent milestone. Not too shabby for someone who had never used Instagram/Twitter/YouTube a year ago! I suppose the next milestone is 1k each. That might be a while though. There seems to be two ways to get followers on social media: a)Throw a lot of money at it; or b)Be patient. Unfortunately I don't have a choice here. So patience it is!

I've rambled enough, though. Have a great rest of the week and I'll see you next Tuesday!

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