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First look at Slate Games' upcoming project!

Hey everyone! I'm very excited to share this first look of the game I've been working on!

This is the world map. You can move around, zoom in and out, go back to your last location and pick missions. This is essentially your hub. The top bar has camera controls and settings.

At the bottom you can see the experience bar and experience points. Below them you can see character controls in order from left to right:

  1. The amount of currently available jobs and jobs button that takes you to your journal.

  2. The characters gold next to the marketplace button.

  3. The inventory button.

  4. The amount of ability points available and the button taking you to the character info screen.

On the world map you can see a few types of jobs indicated by coloured highlights:

  1. Blue indicates multi-encounter missions. These can be main or side missions. These missions are premade, they have cinematics, named characters and can be attempted an unlimited amount of times.

  2. Yellow indicates standalone missions. These are one-off adventures that will be procedurally generated. They can only be attempted a few times before they disappear for good. They also have a few other special mechanics which I'll elaborate on in the future.

And finally the whole thing in motion.

That's it for today, join me next week for more screenshots, videos and info! Have a great one!

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