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Focusing on Combat

Hey everyone! It's your friendly neighbourhood Mr. Slate for another one of my rambles. This week the focus of our work will be combat in our upcoming Action RPG!

In a nutshell - we are prioritising prettifying our combat as well as getting rid of any bugs that have popped up since the proof-of-concept stage.

By prettifying I mean updating the UI, getting some effects and maybe particles in there, get all the popups and sub-menus to look nice and shiny. This will really be just a first pass so things might change again in the future. Considering everything is solid coloured shapes at the moment - anything we do this week will look better :). There are plenty of mechanics that will need a technical touch-up too to enable us to visualise them properly and give them some impact.

Speaking of code - in reality we finished the core battle features a long time ago but since we've been building up the rest of the game for the last 8 months bugs have crept up. We've kept up cataloguing them in our backlog and have tried to keep on top but this week we are focusing on squashing every last one (that we know of).

I hate to leave this on a cliff-hanger but I really think it would be better for you to see our combat in action. If all goes to plan we should have our first look at the combat out this Saturday!

That should be all for today! Have a great week and see you next Monday!

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