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Help for your Business Plan

Hey everyone. I've spent this entire week working on the studio's business plan. If you don't know a business plan is the main way you approach investors for any kind of funding. That includes grants, loans angel investment etc. So it's kind of important.

I'm still working out some kinks (graphs, all of the graphs) but I thought I'd post a little collection of web resources I've been using so far. All of these are free and took me a while to discover so I hope I save you some time.


- I'm not associated with any of these and I'm only interested in the data and instructions they provide. That being said some of them provide other useful (free) services like additional blogs or up to date market analysis etc.

- I may be wrong about how useful these are, please call me out in a comment if that's the case. I'm almost entirely self taught and I don't want to mislead anyone. Also please link good/better alternatives if you have them!

First for some useful stats and analyses I found:

Here's an interactive ranking of top apps by several metrics:

Interesting general product lifecycle article:

Indie game dev business plan advice:

And here come the actual business plans (with templates):

A little bonus for those of you that are brand new in mobile:

If this list is useful to even one person I'd be happy :) Thanks for indulging me and have a great weekend!

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