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MoonWard Demo v0.3.10 Patch Notes!

Hello and happy Tuesday everyone!

I'm happy to present you the patch notes for version v.0.3.10 of the MoonWard Demo! This is a big one - plenty of new items and bug fixes!

With that out of the way, let's get to it:

1. Added over 30 new items. Most are unique starting items for classes and backgrounds.

I've been meaning to add some unique starting equipment since before the original release so this has been a long time coming. I also managed to add some unique enemy drops while I was at it. Elementals and Forged enemies will now have a chance of dropping unique sellable loot.

On top of that a lot of the loot has new modifiers. Some of them are powerful too! Like - 10% more damage of a certain damage type - powerful. Or for the other side - adding a bonus to Speech and Boast. Quite happy with those and should be fun to play around with!

2. Added invulnerability indicator to battle screen and improved battle statuses visuals.

I noticed it can be difficult to tell when you're invulnerable so I added an extra bit of UI to clearly indicate I-frames.

I've been meaning to update the status visuals for a long time, months now. Specifically I didn't like the background colour and how they just appeared out of nowhere. I've added some animations, improved the icons and changed the way the backgrounds behaved. I'm still not 100% sure it's finished but I much prefer the current version.

3. Enemy AI improvements.

It was way too easy to abuse the AI in certain situations and combinations of equipment. I've began addressing that but wasn't able to finish all planned work but I believe the changes will make fights more enjoyable.

4. Rebalanced parry window for all items and increased kick effect versus Wind Up stage.

Kicking wasn't very efficient except against blocking so I spent some time making sure to tweak timings a little and allow for better chance to stagger enemies this way. I also increased the effect so now a kick during wind up should be an almost guaranteed stagger.

This unfortunately unbalanced the move durations so I had to shorten the parry times for some moves... and then I shortened them some more because they were way too long.

5. Major gold rebalance.

There was simply too much gold rewarded to the player. To address that I've reduced the valuable item type gold modifier by a third as well as increased the gold cost of rings and amulets. Armor and weapons will now cost more or less based on their size. I also tweaked the rarity/quality gold mod for items so the jumps in prices should be less drastic now.

6. Added more items to loot tables.

Loot tables support up to 8 possible items but for some reason I only had 4 in each. I've increased all loot tables to 6 available items and some I've increased to 8. This should make the loot a bit more diverse, and boast more useful.

7. Fixed game locking on start-up on some devices.

There's been a bug since the original release, where the game would lock on the start-up loading screen. Many, MANY thanks to MobileGlotze for helping me out with this bug since I was unable to reproduce it anywhere! Check out his content on YouTube (especially if you're a native German speaker)!

8. Fixed bugs.

Unfortunately there's way too many bugs to cover here and most of them I don't even remember. But rest assured, I'm keeping on top of bugs. And visual glitches/discrepancies, and other balancing etc.

Thank you for reading this document, I plan on releasing new patches on Tuesdays and covering the patch notes in detail in the Tuesday blog going forward so I hope to see you again soon!

Have a great week!

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