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State of MoonWard Patches

Hello everyone! It's me, Mr. Slate. This week I'll talk about how patching and patch notes will work for the MoonWard demo. Let's get to it!


Future patches will be released on Tuesdays. The last patch - v0.3.8 was released on Friday 16th June. I'm usually the first to go against Friday releases and this only occurred to me after the release. Oops. Speaking of timings. The next patch will be released on Tuesday 4th of July. It will contain fixes as well as new content. The patch notes will be released here as blogs and will contain more detailed descriptions than on the store page. That's about it. Below you'll find the patch notes for v0.3.8.

Patch Notes for MoonWard Demo v0.3.8

  • Disabled Cloud Save due to game saving issues.

  • Added messages in start-up loading screen.

  • Fixed bug where battle input would flash red and prevent using any move.

  • Randomisation now uses all available character icons.

  • Fixed lingering pickup messages.

  • Support for Vulkan api when drivers are available/stable/up to date.

  • Fixed minor bugs.

That'll do for this week. Hope this was helpful! See you next week and hope you have a great one!


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